Beating bad breath

Did you know that one of the main causes of halitosis (bad breath) is poor oral hygiene? While some strong smelling foods such as garlic and onions can be a bit 'on the nose' temporarily, halitosis is generally caused by a build up of sulphur-producing bacteria on the...

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Private health insurance revisited

Have you checked your health insurance policy recently? It's a good idea to revisit your private health insurance (PHI) policy annually, as your personal circumstances, Government regulations and, of course,  policy premiums, may change. It pays to touch base...

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Oral health and pregnancy

There's a lot to think about when you're pregnant - hormone changes, growth, nutrition, exercise and more. In amongst the many messages of what to do, it's important to remember to maintain your good oral health in the lead up to and throughout pregnancy. Good oral...

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Promote healing with CGF

Research shows concentrated growth factors (CGF) from our blood can significantly reduce post-operative pain and accelerate healing after surgery. What is CGF and how does it work?

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Oral Health Report Cards Are Here

The Australian Dental Association and Australian Health Policy Collaboration (University of Victoria) have worked together to bring us Oral Health Tracker report cards that help track our nation's oral health, for adults and for young people and children. The facts...

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National Prize for Prominent Dental Researcher

The profile of dental health has been raised with the recent awarding of the 2017 Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation to Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds AO for his significant contribution to improved dental health outcomes on a global scale through the invention...

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Dementia and tooth loss

Dementia is one of the most rapidly growing health conditions worldwide. As dementia progresses, the quality of life and independence for patients is significantly reduced. Unfortunately, we don’t yet clearly understand the process by which cognitive function is lost...

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Hidden forms of added sugar

Tooth decay (dental caries) is a diet related disease - sugar in food and drink we consume mixes with bacteria on our teeth to create acid which in turn attacks the protective enamel coating on teeth.  The more often sweet food and drink is consumed the higher the...

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Don’t let fear rule your dental health

If you or someone you know becomes fearful, anxious or distressed at dental appointments then our conscious sedation options might be the answer. Our range of sedation options includes: nitrous oxide, midazolam, general anaesthetics, and we also now offer in-chair...

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