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Make a Booking

Make a Booking

You can now choose your appointment time and book online.
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Dento-facial aesthetics

Dento-facial aesthetics

Let your smile reflect across your whole face
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Oral surgery

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth can be the cause of great pain and discomfort
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How can you access $1,000 dental care for your child?

Find out more about the Child Dental Benefit Schedule’s $1,000 for dental health services.

photo of young woman grinding her teeth and holding her head

What causes teeth grinding and how do I stop it?

Symptoms of teeth grinding include worn down teeth enamel, cracked teeth, headaches and jaw joint pain. Find out what causes teeth grinding and how to stop it.

Close up image of woman flossing her teeth

Fast Facts on Flossing

Have you been brushing like a champion and wondering if flossing is really worth the effort? Get the facts on flossing, fast!

e-cigarettes and e-liquid

Vaping and your oral health

What is vaping and how does it affect your oral health? Find out what leading health and medical organisations have to say about vaping.

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We are a registered COVIDSafe Business

We are a registered COVIDSafe business and continue to protect our staff, patients and community with additional procedures in place.

Sugar is Hiding In Plain Sight

When was the last time you checked the back of a food packet for information on sugar content? It pays to keep an eye on all...
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