General Dentistry

Routine Preventative Care

Regular visits to your dentist ensures your teeth, gums and jaw are in the best condition to provide you with good general health and a confident smile.

Regular preventative check-up appointments generally last for 15-30mins and involve teeth cleaning, an assessment of teeth condition and position.  If additional work is required your dentist will explain their concerns, provide detail on a recommended dental health treatment plan and answer any and all questions you may have.

All our dentists have experience treating people across all age groups –  from very young through to seniors – and we take great care and consideration to ensure you are comfortable during your visit and any anxiety is managed.


A tooth consists of two main anatomical parts: the clinical crown (the part visible above the gums) and the roots.

A dental crown is the term used to describe a permanent cover or cap placed over the crown portion of the tooth, restoring its shape and structure, and improving the tooth’s function and appearance.

Ask our dental professionals for more information on dental crowns and their suitability to your dental care plan.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the 2-3 visit process of removing the dead or damaged pulp of the tooth and replacing it with a special filling. The root canal is the tiny tube that extends from inside the tooth right to the tip of the tooth root.

Root canal therapy involves placing a hole in the centre of the tooth crown, accessing then removing the damaged or dead pulp, cleaning the root canal, placing a temporary crown till the second visit, managing risk of infection. Second visit entails removing temporary crown/filling, cleaning root canal once again, filling the root canal with special substance, final step is capping the tooth with a new crown to seal and protect the root canal and restore the cosmetic appearance of the tooth.

See our brochure: Root Canal Therapy

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Gum Health

Healthy gums create a seal around the tooth, blocking bacteria from attacking the fibres and bones that hold the tooth in place.

Healthy gums are pink and firm with no areas of redness or swelling. Signs of unhealthy gums are: inflammation (gingivitis), bleeding gums during brushing or flossing, persistent bad breath, receding gums, one or more teeth becoming loose. Gingivitis is treatable, but if left too long can lead to damage to the fibres and bones supporting the teeth (periodontitis) which is irreversible.

The main cause of gum disease is plaque, so it is important to remove plaque build up from teeth on a daily basis by regularly brushing and flossing all teeth with care.  We recommend eating a balanced nutritious diet and avoiding foods and drinks that promote tooth decay (ie those with high sugar content – sports drinks, juices, fizzy/soft drinks, sweet foods).

See our brochure: Healthy Gums 

Treating Children

At Bowman Dental we are mindful children can be confused or anxious about visiting a dentist for a check up or treatment.

Our dental team is caring, patient and experienced at treating children of all ages and with a range of special needs. We support both children and their carers throughout each visit, keeping you informed and comfortable. For those suffering from heightened anxiety we offer the option to use conscious sedation methods – either Nitrous Oxide (gas) or Midazolam (an oral, liquid form sedation). We welcome you to contact us to find out more about dental care for children and anxiety management options.

See our brochure: Dental Health for Young Children

Anxious Patients

We understand that some patients can experience stress or become quite anxious during dental visits and procedures.

Our professional, caring dental team is experienced at helping patients manage anxiety, making you feel comfortable and informed throughout your visit. We have several conscious sedation options available to assist those with heightened anxiety to calmly and comfortably manage their dental visit – we welcome you to call us to ask about Nitrous Oxide (gas) or Midazolam (oral liquid form sedative) conscious sedation options.

Jaw Health

A healthy jaw lets you enjoy talking, chewing and yawning ,and is considered part of dental health.

The jaw consists of the jaw bone and jaw joints – also known as ‘temporomandibular joint’ found on both sides of the jaw bone.

Poor jaw health can cause pain and discomfort and impact on general health as it impedes the intake of nutrition as food becomes difficult to chew.

See our brochure: Jaw Health

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