Australia is one of many countries around the world to accept the dental and general health benefits gained from adding safe levels of fluoride to community water supplies.

As of February 2017,  over 89% of the Australian population and 93% of NSW population has access to artificially fluoridated drinking water.

Adding fluoride to drinking water in safe, regulated, prescribed levels, helps prevent tooth decay in people of all ages. The Australian Dental Association attributes consumption of fluoride – a naturally occurring mineral in the environment – with ‘strengthening the ability of your teeth to fight off decay’. Fluoridation of town water is a highly regulated process, with safe levels of fluoridation clearly prescribed and tested.

In 2004 the World Health Organisation and the University of Sheffield released a report noting the effectiveness of fluoride in preventing tooth decay (dental caries).

Oberon Council recently reviewed its standing resolution to not add fluoride to the town water supply, taking the time to review the evidence on the benefits of fluoridation of town drinking water supplies.  At its July 2018 meeting, Oberon Council voted ‘yes’ to the fluoridation of the town’s water supply.

On November 9 2017, the Australian Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) released a public statement recommending community water fluoridation as a safe, effective and ethical way to help reduce tooth decay. This statement follows extensive research and provides information that addresses recent uninformed online discussions questioning the benefits of fluoridating town water. See the NHMRC’s Questions and Answers document for easy-to-read direct answers, particularly pg 6 (point 19) which addresses myths relating to links between fluoridation, poor cognitive development and a number of key diseases.

For anyone wishing to advocate for fluoridation to their town’s water supply  we recommend printing out a copy of the CEO of NHMRC’s Open Letter to Councils on this issue, and presenting it to your local Councillors.

Blog post edited: 19 July 2018. Noting Oberon Council’s resolution to fluoridate town water supply.

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