In the science of dento-facial aesthetics, the symmetry of facial features is measured by Phi, a mathematical approach bringing proportion and harmony to features.

Phi is referred to as the Divine, or Golden, Proportion:1 to 1.618, and dentists are most familiar with its application in tooth and smile design.  Phi is a universal system of harmonious proportion and can be used for overall facial enhancement.

Phi calipers measuring balance

At Bowman Dental we assess each individual’s facial features, then using the mathematical principle of Phi we work towards their ideal facial contours, bringing a natural look to the whole face that is balanced and in proportion.  Phi gives us parameters set by nature; guiding our plans for and application of facial enhancements to ensure results are the most natural in proportion and individualised to your features.

We use beauty-phi calipers, a specially designed measurement tool, to allow you to visualise the ideal proportions for your facial features.  The baseline or fixed starting point for Phi measurement is your inter-canthal distance (the distance between the medial canthus, or inside corner, of each eye). This measurement remains unchanged as we age, therefore is the perfect starting point to determine your individual Phi proportions.

Dr Kathy Bowman uses the Phi proportion rule in conjunction with the latest techniques in dento-facial aesthetics to bring you a natural, balanced result.

Contact us today to find out more about how each of your facial features can be brought to a more harmonious and balanced proportion within the context of your whole face.