Having confidence in the smile you’re presenting to the world can be wonderfully rewarding.

Dento-facial aesthetics aims to give you optimum confidence by looking beyond the mouth to features and aesthetics that frame your smile.

During an initial consult with patients Dr Kathy Bowman gains a better understanding of your desired outcomes and looks at the balance and condition of all the elements of your smile – opportunities for smile enhancement are considered in consultation with you.  Through dento-facial aesthetics skin quality, facial symmetry, lip shape and more are given the same expert attention, skill and care as the more traditional dental focuses of teeth position, colour and general dental health etc.

Looking beyond the teeth to your whole face can mean considering how dermal fillers can change jaw angle, chin, lip and cheek shape, and how laser skin treatments can reduce the appearance of pigmentation, vascular lesions and scarring.

Call us today and make an appointment to find out more about dento-facial aesthetics and how it incorporates your whole face into your best smile.